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HOUSE minimalist is an architectural style that was becoming a trend in the metropolis. Architectural work of the building, including a minimalist home, the choices of the architectural form as a result of the culture. Not just talkative bandwagon minimalist trend is a pattern of thinking, working, and a way of life. A new perspective in viewing design as a reflection of urban way of life that is very practical, lightweight, efficient, and management simplicity ..

Minimalist house also comes with a character more clearly (the shape and geometric space, simple), better (solid), and more strongly with the empty spaces (little ornaments and furniture). The principle is more simple, the quality of design, space, and the completion of the structure must be getting better. John Pawson is regarded as a teacher “minimalism” to bring home a minimal design lines, the atmosphere is quiet and beautiful.

However, it should be noted too minimalist would be sterile, single fine, and tend to be boring. For that we need to understand together how the development of a minimalist

How to Choose Colors for Your Home Interior Design


Do you feel like the colors available are too many choices to create confusion? and you can not decide what color is right for your home interior design?

Do you have a color in the shadow of your mind, but not sure if it will fit on a color when applied to the room? Or are you frustrated because the colors in the color sample sheet that you skewer, looks different from the color that ends on your wall?

We understand. Let us help you take the steps to find the perfect paint color for the interior design of your home.
Here are some simple steps that make the color selection process easier and more enjoyable.

First, start with the existing colors like. If you are

The Rising Star Real Estate Company

Amidst the slowing economy, decreasing real estate demands, falling share market of India, every day or the other we keep hearing here in India that the boom in the building real estate is almost gone. Driving your car in Delhi, India and the stuck in traffic jams on the city roads you wish to listen to some soft live music on the radio and there comes and advertisement from a company XYZ promoting its awesome flats of 2 BHK and 3 BHK as never seen prices, you come to know how desperate they are to sell even a single unit.Home and House

A single 2 BHK, Bedroom Hall Kitchen in India around Zirakpur/ Chandigarh around an year back could cost you around 40- 45 Lakh Indian Rupees, but after the slump and the fast decreasing demands in this sector, we see builders coming up with various offers such as a car free with a 2BHK flat in zirakpur, straight 30% discount. 20% down payment and the rest you can ask the bank to keep chasing you.

Some might even offer their kidney if you buy a flat. Sorry, jokes apart, but the lucrative offers are too true to be believed. The real estate mafia here in India would almost do anything to get their flats sold. Take an initial payment from you invested and promise you a possession in the coming 2 years deadline, and then you keep waiting for them to finish the buildings on time and give you the possession.

Yet amidst these suppliers or the so called big giants of real estate, you will find a few good players in the middle, who stick to their very basics and try to give you the best of the value for your money. One such name is Mona Townships Pvt Ltd. Mona Townships is a private limited company with its registered office in New Delhi, India and focusing on one of the most fast developing and demanding areas of